About Us

About the Higher Learning Academy

Vision Statement

The vision of the Higher Learning Academy is to instill spiritual, educations, emotional, psychological, and physical confidence into each child through an academic environment that teaches, promotes and provides creativity, unity, respect and understanding of it all.


Purpose Statement

Higher Learning Academy’s Early Childhood Program exists:

  1. to provide age and developmentally appropriate activities that will develop attitudes and skills to prepare children for continuous education
  2. to provide a balanced educational curriculum where children learn through play and discover the wonders of the world around them, while being encouraged to actively participate in all curricular activities
  3. to provide a caring environment where all children develop a sense of trust and security and comes to know the most effective way of developing this sense of trust
  4. to instill attitudes and knowledge in children so that they and their parents come to know and experience love in their lives
  5. to teach children through the love shown to them as the way to live happily and peacefully with others
  6. to chare with parents and children alike love and how that love is important in our world today
  7. to assist and nurture parents as their children’s primary teaches by enabling them to see their role and by providing them with a variety of educational and partnership opportunities


Philosophy Statement

We provide a warm, caring, relaxed, safe and loving environment where children can develop to their fullest potential in all areas of growth and development: Physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative and spiritual.

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